What’s in a Name?

Scone (sounds like “gone”) or Scone (sounds like “loan”)?  I’m a scone (“gone”) girl. Conor’s Daddy is a scone (“loan”) guy.  Its the same word with two different pronunciations. He likes nothing more than a sweet fruit scone and I like a savoury scone.  I was a bit selfish today and made simple cheese scones. They remind me of my lovely sister and take me back to the innocence of school Home Ec classes. Here’s the batch ….


What’s in a name? An awful lot when you’re a Speech & Language Therapist from London with a mild ” Jonathan Ross” speech impediment living in Dublin with an Irish husband. Like any parents-to be, we spent much of the pregnancy discussing baby names.  Separately we listed our favourites and looked for names we had in common.  Straight away Conor’s Daddy’s No. 1 boy’s name was eliminated for fear I’d be saying “warwy” in place of Rory. There could be no R sounds at the start of names and so his No.2 name Ronan was also dismissed. I tested out my favourite girl’s name on my in-laws to discover Martha pronounced as Martyr giving it a completely different meaning. There were Irish names I knew my family would not be able to get their tongues around. The professional in me ruled out names with difficult combinations of sounds for fear our child would take forever to learn to say his/her name. I wanted a name to be familiar to teachers, interviewers and potential life partners.  Eventually we settled on our two top choices. It is heartbreaking to think that I’ll never hear Conor say his name or utter his first words. He’ll never write his name in a school book or CV. In the absence of hearing Conor say his name, hearing other people speak his name is one of the best gifts anyone can give us. This time, I don’t even mind how you pronounce it.


*Top tip;

These scones are delicious with a bit of spice. I added a pinch of curry powder.


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