An Auntie’s letter to her Godson

Today a most beautiful letter arrived in my in box. My wonderful sister has written to Conor. I wish to share it here as it deserves to be part of Conor’s story…

To my beautiful nephew Conor,

As your Auntie, I miss you every day.

Despite the distance, I was with your mummy every step of the way. I remember feeling you kick during a happy time to see your mummy and prepare for your arrival. I spoke to you, a memory I will carry forever as I know you heard my voice.

I will never forget seeing you in the hospital. The loss of a future so painfully felt whilst I stroked your beautiful face and held your hand. The journey over to see you the day you were born is the most important journey I have ever made or ever will.

I worried about you in the days after you were buried, so aware of the changing weather with a sense that you were getting cold or wet. I just wanted you to be safe.

I want you to know how amazing your mummy and daddy are. They are such wonderful and kind people making their way without you, but filling their home with love for you and your little brother. Your mummy makes the most amazing cakes on your birthday and we share special times together remembering you always.

If you are looking down on us wondering why we are writing your name in the sand, bringing out the star for family photos, dressing up as superheroes to go for a run or painting your name on stones….it’s because we love you and will always talk about you. We tell others all about you and say goodnight to you every night.

So my darling Conor, you are so sorely missed and hugely loved every day.

Sleep tight and sweet dreams.


2 thoughts on “An Auntie’s letter to her Godson

  1. What a lovely letter to receive. I’m glad you are enjoying being a mom again…. Happy mothers day to your two beautiful boys xxx


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