A letter to Conor on his 5th Birthday

Happy 5th birthday Conor,

Can you believe you’re 5 now? That’s all your fingers and your thumb on one hand. We’re each going to need our other hand next year to count your age. Your little brother and I had fun making your cake. We used the new star tin that Elena’s Mummy bought us. We covered the cake with chocolate icing and your little brother poured sprinkles all over it (and all over the kitchen too).

I am sorry I’m late writing to you. I wanted to write earlier but I was just too sad. You should have been starting school this year. I should have been polishing shoes and packing your lunch in a Superman rucksack. I should have been holding your hand tight and kissing your head as you walked into the classroom…..but that’s not how our story goes.

It’s been a busy year Conor. Your little sister arrived safely into our family of 5. Just like your little brother did, she grabs hold of my star necklace and I tell her about you. I expect one of her first words will be star too. Your brother has started asking questions about you. We answer honestly and simply. He doesn’t understand but then in many ways, nor do I.

I love you now as much if not more than I did when I first met you. I am sending sloppy kisses to your star and back. Stay close Conor.

Love Mummy xx⭐️xx

The pages of Cakes for Conor have been quiet of late. Over the past year my energy went into surviving another pregnancy after loss and entertaining a very busy little brother. My grief has entered a different phase. Maybe this is the acceptance that I have been both hoping and fearing would come. I am happy to have so much joy in my life while equally I welcome the grief to enable me to feel close to Conor. Life after loss is complicated.


2 thoughts on “A letter to Conor on his 5th Birthday

    1. Thank you. We try to do our best for our children. Though I have been feeling Mummy guilt over the delay in writing this. I also cried over burning the first attempt at the chocolate icing. I wanted it to be perfect for Conor! Hope you are doing ok x


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