Baked With Love Day 2017

I would like to invite the readers of Cakes For Conor to participate in this year’s Baked With Love Day on Sunday. The idea is to take time in your own homes to bake in memory of loved ones who have died. You then share the bake along with stories and memories of loved ones with family and friends. If you wish to take part I invite you to like the Facebook page below.
It’s my wish for Conor’s legacy to be that of remembrance. I have witnessed many bereaved people get upset that none of their family & friends talk about their loved ones who have died. My thoughts are that we, the bereaved need to talk first to show to others that we want to talk. While I wish there wasn’t, there is still so much awkwardness around death in society. I hope that this day will give bereaved people “permission” to talk and a context in which they can be heard and can connect with others. It is generally accepted now that talking is healing. The bereaved shouldn’t feel pressured by society to stay quiet. We can and do move forward in our grief and in our new lives by finding ways to honour those we miss.
This is the second year of Baked With Love Day. There were many family and friendship groups who spent a special day remembering their loved ones last year. They posted photos of their bakes and told us who they were remembering. One friend told me that there is so much sadness linked with anniversaries that she found this day gave her a chance to share happy memories of her cousin.  A bereaved parent has said that remembering her son over cake will be easier than at the graveside for her younger family members.  Another parent plans to make it a fun way for his surviving children to talk about their brother.
Please like the Baked With Love page and share with anyone you think would like to take part.  Together we can spread the word of remembrance.  Our loved ones may be gone but our love for them can live on in our memories.